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(Was ganz anders)

Why Spaceship Earth ?

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The unrecognized Darwinian basis of our civilization

Civilisation: an evolutionary cul-de-sac?

A human-evolutionary (i.e. Darwinian) view of (western) civilisation (updated: 02/11/08)

Bollocks to Britain!

and to all STATES posing as NATIONS . . .


Mass immigration, multi-ethnic society and the philosophy (politics and ideology) of the melting pot

The Insanities of Normality

Two principal examples thereof

Concerning the root causesof the "Sustainability Problem" . . .

An evolutionary/anthropological approach to the root causes of the "Sustainability Problem" (contribution to the Conservative Party's Quality of Life Policy Group - revised, 11.02.07)

Money: humanity's worst invention?

Entry to the Ecologist Annual Essay Competition (as PDF file)

Towards a Philosophy of Sustainability . . . . . . .

and finding a more just, humane and sustainable replacement for existing anonymous, multi-mass, consumer-capitalist society

An Atheist's & Agnostic's Guide to God . . . . .

Towards more enlightened concepts of God, religion and morality

Miscellaneous . . . . .

Roger's World

More questions for Any Questions

The questions I didn't get to ask on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions (9 June 06)

The History of Science . . . . .

Discovering the questions to some interesting answers.(updated: 17.01.06)

Social and political comment . . . . .

Expressing my views on various topics, mainly in response to newspaper articles (last updated: June 09)

On the Sustainability Problem (incl. global warming)

On the MADNESS of mass immigration and the "melting pot" of multi-racial/multicultural society



The Crown Road Community Project
applying Internet technology to the development of a local community - and beyond)

The future of Fairlop Waters (a letter to the Ilford Recorder)

Roger's (personal) World (access only with password)

Some astronomical distances put into perspective

Spaceship Earth (some photos of home)



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